Who we are?

We design, develop and create your imagination in the real world. We publish books, catalogs, prospectus. We also design the same.

We design logos, visiting cards, brochures. We make short films, documentaries, Telefilms, advertisements. We make paintings, portraits, murals, Installations etc.

The spectrum of our acts is a case of tightrope walking with what we do.Come join with us to the new way of Graphics Designs and Arts.

When we entered the arena, the first thing to hit the shorelines of our greycells was the sudden enlightenment about this whole communication thing.

We offer a wide range of service for any project. Contact us, and our representatives will help you pick a right one!


At the heart of a successful advertising campaign lies no ancient secret but a simple truth, a truth that is all about winning over the consumer’s heart and occupying a special place in his mind. Getting straight down to business we offer creative, cost effective, time-bound services.

Art Gallery

Entire collections were traced, compiled, restored, archived and made available for posterity. As a result, the extensive inventory is recognised for its quality of artworks.

Audio-visual Art

The Audio Visual Services support and facilitate the use of instructional and presentation technologies at Haverford College.

Ceremony Design

Our Ceremony Designer will help you plan a beautiful ceremony based on your vision for your day.


As a full service firm, we’re committed to fulfilling your marketing, public relations and development needs through our innovative, integrated approach.

Computer Designing

Computer Design Solutions started as a concept to provide an exceptional level of service to support a then-emerging trend of home and business computer use.

Event Marketing

We create experiences that strengthen relationships between brands and the people who matter to them most. Expertise in event marketing and social media marketing.

Film Production

We have internationally experienced shooting teams providing support and services for Feature Films Shooting, Movie , TVC , Video Films , Documentary Productions , Corporate films / Promo.

Graphic Designing

We offer a complete range of high quality graphic design services for all your advertising & marketing needs. We specialize in graphic design solutions which creatively integrate all aspects of visual communication to strengthen your brand.

Hobby Classes

We teach to make murals, stain glass, artificial flowers, mehendi, oil painting, water painting, ceramic, hot ceramic, etc.

Landscape Design

We have created a landscape design department to give you the level of comfort and quality you have come to expect from Lajja Comm. Whether you are looking for a detailed landscape design, or if you just need advice on where to start.


Mural painting projects are often the most popular and spectacular aspect of our programming and they are made entirely possible by the creativity.


We have huge collection of paintings which was developed by our experts, we create valued based paintings in variety of manner.


Lajja Communication provides a wide range of professional photography services such as portraiture, fashion, portfolio, fine art, illustration, journalism, industrial, and life photography.


Through a combination of in-house equipment and external vendors, we can service all your printing needs. We produce a wide variety of booklets, brochures, forms, envelopes, cards, flyers, posters, tickets, letterheads, newsletters, business cards and even custom textbooks and course packets.

Stage Design

From corporate theater to event marketing, trade shows to special events, Lajja Communication offers creative solutions that will dazzle your clients.

Theme Decoration

We offer different decorative items for wedding entrance decoration. Entrance decoration include different tradition and religious items in the systematic ways.
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