Who we are?

We design, develop and create your imagination in the real world. We publish books, catalogs, prospectus. We also design the same.

We design logos, visiting cards, brochures. We make short films, documentaries, Telefilms, advertisements. We make paintings, portraits, murals, Installations etc.

The spectrum of our acts is a case of tightrope walking with what we do.Come join with us to the new way of Graphics Designs and Arts.

When we entered the arena, the first thing to hit the shorelines of our greycells was the sudden enlightenment about this whole communication thing.

About Us

We design, develop and create your imagination in the real world. We publish books, catalogs, prospectus and design logos, visiting cards, brochures.

We are awesome

Of course, we never thought about it. After all, we believed, a self-administered pat on the back is worth about three peanuts. But, then, how do you sum up your days and nights in one single line? How, on earth, do you get to show the perfect fusion of your left and right brain? And, just for the sake of it, showcase it in a splendid way?

In fact, we did know at least that its going to happen in course of our lives. Sooner or later, the need will arise to clone ourselves in a very mythological manner and compel us to come up with a powerful tool that can make us reach hither and thither, far and near; become almost omnipresent. Ok, we do seem to act like gods. But, then, who isn’t? More or less, anyone who creates anything is trying to become one with the God.

Figuratively speaking, the very act of becoming one with the God in itself is a driving force that pushes us beyond all the boundaries. And, as a result, we end up doing things we are supposed to. That’s why, our range of acts is as diverse as the definition itself. Jokingly, we even swagger sometimes by saying: “We are in God’s business”

Believe it or not, we even do things which we aren’t supposed to. Sometimes. For example, suggesting you to read further. Isn’t it, as we say, an altogether unnecessary act on our part?
Now, all said and done, there still remains a lot to be done and said.

It is apparent that we are just as much interested in the how of things as we are in the why of people. For us, the whole philosophy of communication (or, say, Lajja Communications) is spread across these two questions. And many more inbetween.

Between the polarities of demand and supply we have carved a niche presence by constantly engaging ourselves in the the game of needgap hunting. For us and our clients, we, as an organization, have bred a brand new ideology to chase a dream and make it come true. Unlike others, we pamper ourselves with frequent boosters to our morale by doing some unusual stuff. May be it is in our genes or its a simple celestial equation, but we do tend to do different things now and then. If this is not the case, we do the same old things- in a different way! And for our achievements, the long story of our history can be squeezed into one single phrase: “We think, therefore we are”. This tendency to look deeper has rewarded us in more ways than one. In terms of ever-expanding base of cheerful clientele, upwardly mobile growth-chart and sudden bursts of happy laughter crackling across our ever-busy studio. What else one need after all these? Nevertheless, we haven’t let the slumber come in our way. No. We don’t blindfold ourselves by sitting below the spotlight and bask under the glory of our past laurels. As we surely know that we are as good as our last campaign. No matter how long and hard the journey has been, there’s still many more miles to go. So, we keep the show going on and on and….

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